• ParentLink - Automated Notification System

    Note: A Skyward account is required to access ParentLink

    We use a product named ParentLink to generate automated voice calls, text messages, and e-mails to registered families. You may occasionally hear or see this system be referred to as Blackboard or the "robo-dialer." ParentLink allows us to effectively communicate with families on a large scale by automating the repetitive process of creating individual notices. It also gives registered users the flexibility to choose which channels to receive notifications through.

    Please review the information below for assistance with activating a ParentLink account and setting up your delivery preferences, or click on the following link to go directly to the portal login page.


    ParentLink Portal


    Registering for ParentLink

    Do you have a Skyward Family Access account? If you do, you're likely already setup for ParentLink access. You may just need to setup a password to access your account. See the Reset Password instructions below for help with the process.

    If you don't already have a Skyward account, you will need to register for one in order to use ParentLink. Signing up for Skyward Family Access requires the submission of a simple form that is available online and at each one of our schools. For more information on Skyward and instructions on registering for an account, please go here.

    Please note that although an e-mail address is not required to sign up for a Skyward account, it is required for a ParentLink account so you'll need to list an e-mail address on your Skyward application.


    Reset ParentLink Password

    The ParentLink website has a password recovery feature that allows each user to reset their own password. You may need to go through this process the first time you access your account or if you've forgotten your current password.

    1. Go to the ParentLink Forgot Password page: https://yakimaschools.parentlink.net/main/login/forgot-password
    2. Enter your Login ID
      (this is the same as your Skyward Login ID - Skyward Help)
    3. Click the Send Email button
      (please contact your child's school office if you get an error message stating your account has no email address)
    4. Verify that the email address listed is yours and click the OK button
      (if the address listed is not yours, do NOT proceed and please contact your child's school office to have it corrected)
    5. Check your email for a message from ParentLink@parlant.com containing your new password
      (you may need to check your spam or junk folder for it)
    6. Go to the ParentLink login page: https://yakimaschools.parentlink.net
    7. Enter your Login ID and the password provided to you in the email
    8. Click the login button
    9. Set a new password in the pop-up window
    10. Click the SAVE button


    Set Delivery Preferences

    The ParentLink website allows you to configure your own delivery preferences so that we can communicate with you in the form that best fits your needs. Delivery preferences can be set for messages regarding attendance, school/district events, delays/closures, and other informational messages. Please review the information on the page linked below for guidance on setting up your preferences.

    Please note that although ParentLink pulls contact information from Skyward, it does NOT send information back to Skyward. This means changes made in ParentLink will not affect the primary contact information your child's school has on file. To change that information, you will need to contact your child's school office.

    View setup instructions