Winter Weather Procedures

  • When winter weather hits Yakima, many YSD staff are up (very) early consulting with city management, driving the bus routes and putting teams in place to best remove safety hazards at our buildings.

    Our procedure includes making a delay or closure decision by 5:30a.m.

    What is the procedure for determining to close school due to inclement weather? Check our policy here: Operational Procedure 2221 - Emergency School Closure (PDF).

    We post messaging about delays and/or closures to (in this order):


    We realize there are many opinions as to when we should delay, close or remain open in full operation. We take this decision very seriously and do our best to keep school open and on time.  However, should we need to close school, we will make up each day lost.  Please check the district calendar for a listing of designated snow make-up days. If we do not need to make up days, there will be no school on the scheduled snow make-up days. We do not make up time from delays.

    If the weather is poor, allow extra time to get where you need to be and make sure you have prepared your children with warm coats, boots, hats and gloves. To prepare for delays and closures, please make sure you have a care plan in place for your children should you need to report to your employment. It's also time to be prepared for winter driving.

    During the winter, we often run "Snow Routes" for our buses.  Keep in mind that the buses do their best to stay on schedule but will drive slowly and safely.  Please be prepared for possible delays at your bus stops. If a route is more than 30 minutes behind, an update will be posted to our transportation web page. If we run snow routes in the morning, we will stay on snow routes in the afternoon. Please be familiar with your child's snow route: View Yakima School District Bus Routes.

    ​How is breakfast handled during a weather delay? In elementary school buildings, breakfast will be available in the cafeteria only for students who are let into the buildings early. (Child Nutrition staff does not provide supervision) Breakfast will not be served in the classrooms. However, it will be available for those students who are hungry and want to eat prior to lunch service. In middle school buildings, breakfast will be available to students, as normal, as they are entering the buildings. In high school buildings, a second chance breakfast will not be offered.  Students will still be allowed to eat breakfast before the start of classes in the cafeteria.